Do it because you want to do it

“Nes, gimana sih caranya biar bisa masuk ke program ini, apapun caranya dilakuin deh!”

I was like that before, 9 years ago, fitting myself into the (so called) winner criteria just to get into an organization, tho I haven’t accomplished something big enough I would say. And to be honest with you, it really haunt me…. up till now. Currently, I’m more into doing what I wanna do without rushingly going through a competition til I’ve settled enough. Because I really wanna do all things I believe I have to do it, being recognized because what I do is just the side dish of all course.

So yap, I’m more suited for telling truth rather than made up things, turns out it also gives me more peaceful life, ehe! Don’t be seeking for recognition too much, it’s not worth your time.


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