From Your 21 Years Old Child

Dear parents,

I know it must be hard and confusing as it is your first time having a child of 21 years old. As I’ve entered the age of a legal adult in every aspect, I could sign up for my Reksadana, I could also watch any movies that I want in the cinema, and other things that includes me in the group of adults, even I can’t use my insurance card if I’m still included as one with the family.

But then, although my status leap up dramatically in one night, but not with my knowledge. I’m just a mere 20 whole years plus a few days old. I can’t suddenly be the adults you are expecting of. And yes! It’s hard for me here too, as I’m going into the new phase of totally different world (yeah, that’s what happened to me, but terms and conditions applied, okay). As I need to adapt fast with the circumstances as well as finding the true me in the deepest ocean of myself.

So, please. Be patient, as I’m working on it too. I won’t let myself to be destroyed by my own act. It’s enough of myself trying so hard to accept all of my condition while claping at other’s success. I know that it must be hard for you to see me like this, to see your own sweet heart in the worst situation. To see her soul that seems not alive, to see her spirit that’s gone. And yeah, I’m sorry for that, I just couldn’t give you the best of me YET. So please, please, please and please, I do really beg you to be patient, and just watch me struggling with a smile. If you want to help, I’ll gladly accept it, but don’t compare me with anything, specially me in the past. That’s hurt.

Dear parents, to let you know so you won’t be confused, every child have their own cycle of age. Some are at their peak, and some are not (altho they seem in the same biological age). Please do not compare their peak and their downfall, instead, you can try to help them going up. As your help and your smile and your hug and you saying, “I’m proud of you,” means the most for them. Try to understand your child, as they are probably trying their best to make you proud.

Last but not least, this post wasn’t made to blame anybody, just a reflection for both parties to work together toward the success path. For you who are in the same phase as mine, try to change your point of view. Do something different, do something brave! Try something that you never think of (postively kay). Be someone that’s totally ready for walking into the next phase. It will be hard, depressing and pressuring, but then, it’s just the time we have to go through. Bear with it just a few more months. Don’t look away too much from your path, focus on it. Spend your time well to explore yourself. Do something that makes you happy! Be careless for a day! Be crazy (in a positive way)! Close your ears, listen to your heart!

And if you need help, I’ll be here 🙂 Let’s go out from the valley together will ya?

Dear parents, please support us with your most beautiful smile, as we need a home to go back from this war and saying, “I am home.”

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