Komunikasi Produktif (2)

My friend will come this saturday, and I might be away from home for a night. We plan to go to Temanggung, because there will be Pasar Papringan (a market in the middle of bamboo forest) this Sunday, and we wanna go to that event together. Moreover, my friend just built a start up that focus on farming, maybe this can be a fresh idea for him or at least he could build many good relations there.

Anyway, today’s drama started from the early morning, where I insisted to go to Temanggung by motorcycle, eventhough last night I couldn’t sleep because of the influenza I had. Bapak forced me not to go until I’m totally recover. Meanwhile, I can’t be a bad host that abandon my guest.

The little me inside really just want to be rebel, by just doing what I want, and not thinking of what gonna happened next. Luckily, the mature me can calm myself down, and starting to try finding an agreement with Bapak. In the end, we both agree that I could still go to Temanggung but using bus, not motorcycle (altho it has more complicated route).

I learned that everything can be settled once we calm and communicate each other’s opinion. Easy to say, but difficult to do :’)

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-06 at 21.01.06
Degan bakar papringan. Tersedap.

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