Being An Agent of Change

The first time I heard about this in NHW (Nice Home Work) of Institut Ibu Profesional, I suddenly remember about a story of being a good agent of Muslim in Europe when I read “99 Cahaya di Negeri Eropa” a book by Hanum Raies. The book tells us about how we keep being good to others in spite of the way they treat us.

To be a change agent, we don’t have to do big things, but it’s a must to be consistent. Because we often out thinking what we’re gonna do, just to end up not doing anything. In order to prevent that, start with a small step, and do not stop walking.

What I have in mind to correlate that idea to my activities and my focus study in life, I want to empower people around me by involving them in my business, Busana Eneska. Because my business focus on doing family and female clothing on many different segments, so my idea is to employ maybe diffabels to be our tailors and household mothers to be our admins/distributors. I will also train them regularly and give many other skill that they may want to have such as driving, cooking, crafting, etc. So they’ll have many experiences which is good for themselves and for their future.

I will also mentor a young person (around teenager age) to encourage them to have their own business by doing an intenship in my business. The goal is to at least introduce a professional world to that person and improve their skill.

And because I love to learn and share (and also analyzing), I want to share any knowledge that I have once a month to public, for those who can’t come could access the content in my blog or youtube channel.

Those are a temporary things that I will do in my mind, hopefully there will be more things I can be done along with the grow of my business and experience.

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