Ramadhan Notes #2


We often found ourselves in the midst of debate, just because we can’t accept other’s perspective and holding on to ours too tight. Whereas there is no absolute truth other than Thee, and in my opinion, there is no need of debating for what’s been said by Him.

My family and I believe that children should be educated by their parents, not by others, even the grandparents. Because those children are given to us, not other, and we are fully responsible of everything happened to them. Taken care of them is one of the ways to show our gratitude for what have been given to us. That’s our belief.

As a family that active in homeschooling, we found that not all parents agree in the same ways to educate their children, in fact, every parents have their own ways. That’s what form my way of thinking, that it’s okay to be different, we can’t force others to think the way we are. The same as “there are many ways to Rome,” there are also many ways to achieve what we believe as GREAT.

We might hold on to something today we really believe in, but we found another perspective that seems logic tomorrow, and we change. That’s okay, as long as we know where our faith comes from, and we are consistent to it.

My Dad once told me, “Girl, when you go on to the outside world, you’ll find many kind of person, sometimes they’re not walking in the same path as you. Do not distress yourself to make others be like you, it’ll just waste your time. Despite, focus on your goal, determine your path, and consistent with it. You’ll not make yourself right by making other’s wrong.”

One day, I met with someone that believe by entrusting her child to her parents (the grandparents), it will give some kind of happiness to her parents. Supported by the fact of her parents been succeeding on raising her. That’s definitely contradicting with my belief, the youthful side of me really want to say “NO IT’S NOT LIKE THAT,” debating on every single thing that can prove I AM THE ONLY PERSON THAT’S RIGHT. But then, I just take my breath slowly to calm myself down and said, “Yes, mam, I agree, your mother has been successfully raising you into a wonderful woman. There is nothing as which is the correct one and which isn’t, what we need to find is which is the most appropriate way for our situation. We both can raise our children exceptionally using different methods.

Because in my opinion, there is no wrong way in raising our child, you’ll only be wrong if you don’t raise them.”

And… PAP. No need of debating, and no need to hold on grudge on to someone hahaha. Now, I try to see something with many perspectives. Trying to not debate on the way, but on the goal. It’s worthier of the effort.

Happy Fasting All.

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